Also correct for HP Walther variation ! Correct for late 1943 AC43 - early AC44 pistols ( From ac43 "b" block to ac44 "K" block ). 5" barrel. Note the tool markings showing, and also note the brown/blued finish, which is sometimes found on late war pieces like this. Poison Clan - Wikipedia. gunsamerica. The slide is excellent but front strap shows some wear. Model/configuration – P. More. Gunboards trader is still decent. two tone? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Browse Firearms Canada's other products currently available. WALTHER P 38 AC 45 W/HOLSTER - C41149. com › … › Search Results › Login To Save This Search See guns for sale and gun auctions related to walther p38 walther p38- Guns For Sale and Gun Auctions on GunsAmeric walther p38 For Sale – Buy walther p38 Online at The Walther and P38 forums. mag. It is all original and likely brought back this way. walther p38 For Sale WALTHER P38 AC44 RIG. Of the many guns that Walther produced, the Walther P38 pistol was made specifically for Hitler’s army. 38 AC 44 Semi-Automatic pistol, 9mm Caliber, serial # 2485 b. The Walther P38 (originally written Walther P. bore, possible clean-up on front slide left, 95% learn more Buy German WWII P38 Hardshell Black Leather Holster, P-38: Gun Holsters - Amazon. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. All P 38 Military - WW2 All Military P 38s produced through 1945. One is a AC44 ( Walther made ) that my Dad captured and brought back in WW IIThe other is a pistol I picked up from a bring back vetIt's a byf 43 ( Mauser made ). brand: cal. If anyone ever wants the ultimate in info on P38's, make sure to visit www. Fischer/Guttstadt/1938. Acquired by Bill Selden, 526th Armored Infantry Battalion. FYI, even the magazines need to match the year and manufacturer. 1945 Production includes slide codes of byf44, svw45, ac43 & ac44. Very clean externally as well as internally, has a high bore shine. This is a wartime produced, ac-44 model manufactured by Walther. F. it is almost impossible to tell the difference from original. Its serial number is 294j indicating it was likely produced in November of 1944. It was clearly superior to the G41's, and simpler as well. Mehlis - kódy ac/40, ac/41, ac/42, ac/43,ac43, ac44,ac45. Most if not all pistols had specific holsters and some pistols even had multiple kinds of holsters. com Location Littleton WW2 Ac44 walther p38. Proof of age 18+ years required! I just traded for a wartime Walther P38. Original bring back full rig. The bluing is very nice and the gun is all matching with the exception of the 2 magazines. There are correct Waffenampt (359)stamps on the pistol, and small Nazi eagle with swastika on the right side. Holster . 5'' barrel S/N 610h. 1944 All matching # for sale by SPRAGUES SPORTS INC on GunsAmerica - 942913794 "Sold" Walther p38 AC44 for sale online. P-38's 27. Walther ‘Baby P38′ pistol Designed and manufactured by Walther Waffenfabrik, converted by J. 38, p-38 rig walther, smith and wesson 38 automatic, walther p 38 ac 44, walther p38 ac 44 dating, walther p38 ac44, walther p38 for sale nc, walther p38 rig, ww2 p38 rig By the end of the war, Walther had only produced about 580,000 of the 1. I removed this from a G43 AC44 and am offering this on e-bay for the first time. First off, this is an ac44 all matching P38. ** Purchase price incl. it was a grand pistol and i loved it. Japanese Type 94 Nambu one of the last 1,000 made. We have never seen another Walther P38 with this experimental finish. German proofs. Serials match including proper grips. Striated brown bakelite grips. In very nice condition authentic WWII magazine for WWII German P38 Walther pistol. This one had the front sight on the slide, and even had a custom muzzle brake that looked like the UNCLE gun. 1934 Enfield No2 MkI. CYQ 2nd variation with e/359 small parts serial number range 50-500 - 208. imfdb. I bought a Walther P38 (New Pics and range report!) I used to have an AC44 that my folks gave me when i was a kid. Everything seems to make it a Walther, EXCEPT, the bakelite grips have 5 instead of 6 broken grip lines, and the inside of the grips have by Spreewerke circled numbers (7 and 12). The outside is very rough and not Walther: The AP-serie. What is a realistic price for a German P38 pistol? In the past few years I have come to the realization that there is no such thing as a "realistic" price for a true WWII P-38. 22 Long Rifle 22 - Gun model - rifle pricing Magazine bluebook of gun values free derringer apprasal gun prices firearms gun model number used rifle price bused revolver bluebook gun values revolver price used weapon bullet gun models firearm manufacturer gun pricing revolver value firearm manufacturers 357 revolver PRICE: $2895. Bringback Walther Model P38 ac/44 Documented Nazi Semi-Automatic Pistol MFD 1944 C&R. Poison Clan. Phenolic resin grips. SUBSCRIBE. . Nazi P38 Holster . The 0 series of Walther made P. P38, ac 41, (X3838) Walther d Auction # 110683387 Please Sign In if you are the buyer or seller to see more helpful information. The eagle with the swastika was a proof mark for all military P38's and the ac45 zero series. Original World War 2 P38 (not luger) grips, they are for the following guns, made by AEG, the P over 1528 and 1529 was used for the last 3000 of the Walther 0 (zero) series, all the 480, AC no date, AC 40 date added, ac 40, ac41, ac 42 ac 43 and the ac44. grips, exc. My WWII Bring-Back Walther P38 If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 08. This serial places this as the 23,400th gun produced in 1940 and they still had the bright polished blue finish that is so hard to come These German P38 Pistols are all original, matching numbers, all markings intact, and were imported by us directly from a private collector in Germany. cvq “b” prefix serial number “0” series “0” series with FN slide. 95% finish and an excellent bore. The JVD magazine was made by Erste Nordboehmische Metallwarenfabrik, Adolf Roessler, Niedereinsiedel It has been in the works for some time, and I did not want to jinx it, but I have itnow, so I can share Thanks to a friend, I have a matching number (except magazine) AC44 Walther P38, Condition is very good, considering its age, with no pitting, and nice patina. S. In order to get it to unlock, I need to press very hard on the decocking lever. 38 AC44, Nazi Markings. It wouldnt have been marked Luger, thats what we call it. Does anyone know for sure if a WWII P38 (in good shape and operating condition with no known problems) is safe to fire +P ammunition out of? If so, what about +P+ ammunition? Walther P38 9mm sa/da, German WWII P38, fully functional, ac44 , tag#5340 Lot#: 26909110 - CVA Optima 50cal blackpowder muzzleloader, tag#5051 CVA Optima 50cal blackpowder muzzleloader, tag#5051 Walked into a local pawn shop on the way home yesterday and saw what I thought was a Walther P1. There are proofs and other markings under the take down lever and I can't find a similarly marked P38 in my searching. Model AC44, 2 magazines, 1 is same era as pistol, but not same number as pistol. 38, manufactured in the "f" block. **C&R or FFL required Condition: Very fine. Register now to bid on lot 1719 in Field & Range Firearms - Day 1 on Tue, Sep 10, 2019 By the end of the war, Walther had only produced about 580,000 of the 1. You must go to our website and fill out our credit registration form. Militarily Acceptable. d. 38 - ac 44 9/29/17 - This is a Walther P. Nazi German P38 9mm Walther P. it is made from cast phenolic resin - just like original . Those guys know every intimate detail on these pistols. 9mm; 99% blue, very good bore, very good grips, 5'' barrel, Mfg 1945 This pistol has been refinished, dip blue The left slide is marked P38 3222a AC. Did you win this item? A full invoice should be emailed to the winner by the auctioneer within a day or two. 1919 Colt Black Army 1911. See Sold Price. Finnish SA Marked Lahti L-35 3rd Series. Thanks. It was the numerically most common pistol of the German Wehrmacht. This pistol was made by Walther in 1944. When installed they look very close to original grips. view details. walther p38 factory engraved 9mm pistol, 12/61 date, 98% condition in presentation case, two magazines, instruction folder, curio & relic eligible $3999 ***** (please reference our inventory num click for more info A quick video on my ac44 P. matr. Model P 38 počeo se proizvoditi 1938. Buymilsurp. World War II German M 42 Helmet with original camouflage paint, eight finger liner and suspension intact, and chinstrap. ". 38 9mm" marked parkerized 8 rd. 303 British. The demand for the P38 was so high, in fact, that the Walther plants couldn't keep up, prompting contracts   Walther P38 ac 44. Frame and barrel show very minor. It was an impulse buy though, as it was the first time I'd come across multiple matching P-38's at a gunshop. MAGS: 2 TOTAL. The MP40 is a TOP (airsoft) MP40 replica I bought it for $450 a year ago and just never used it I hated how lose every thing was so I JB welded every thing together (even the receiver, lol). Brown bakelite grips import marked. Switzer's Auction & Appraisal Service - DECEMBER FIREARMS, MILITARIA, EDGED WEAPONS AND ACCESSORIES AUCTION - FIREARMS, MILITARIA, EDGED WEAPONS, ACCESSORIES - Bancroft, Ontario River of Guns searches hundreds of forums so you can find the best deals on guns and gear. Nice Walther P38 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol. Izdelali so nekaj nad 1000 primerkov te pištole. Chrome-plated finish. cyq (211 stamp) cyq (Walther small parts) cyq (backward “c” suffix) cyq (early frame) cvq (early broken die) cyq (late frame) cyq (FN frame) cvq. This is an early WWII Walther P. Thanks for your opinions. When Walther first began making the P38’s, all of the small parts including the grips were serialized, but as the war went on, this practice was gradually discontinued. 32 Walther Germany - rest of the world self-promotion in posts and comments should be limited to once every three days. The bore is excellent. It has waffenamps on right side of slide. As typical of the later war productions at Walther, this pistol shows a less polished surface. On a P38 that marking would only be under the barrel. Magazine is correct, but not numbered. Double Action Pistol! Manufacturer's Code. barrel has eagle stamps on the left side receiver end-5 cok 55d stamped on barrel-the barrel attachment that the gas piston screws into has a W359 - gas piston has 359 on top---type 2 connecting rod-type 3 gas cylinder-2 holes-all small parts are electro pencilled 7261-front sight -no marks -smooth ramp-rear sight assembly-359-receiver left side eagle 359-shield Chances are good that if the P38 you are looking at has been refinished, it is a Russian capture and will be worth substantially less than the same gun in original, unrefinshed condition. 38 replaced the production of the time-consuming and expensive P. Bore is excellent and operation is proper. 5'' barrel S/N 1274j. Used non-restricted firearms, restricted firearms, antique firearms and more! Ta prototip se je imenoval Walther HP (HeeresPistole) in je za nekaj časa celo prišel v serijsko proizvodnjo. The finish was intended to speed up the production process (see, Warren Buxton's THE P38 PISTOL, pages 186-187). 38 | Availability: In Stock. WALTHER ac44 P. Genres. Deactivated WWII German P38, manufactured by Walther in 1944 under secret code "ac 44". Walther serial numbers. Vaše přihlášení zůstává aktivní 30 dnů AC44 G43 by:@the_milsurp_guy 💥 Подписываемся на:@forman_tm Отмечайте нас 📌 #k43 #waffenamt #8mmmauser #10rounds #semiauto #walther #german #germany #nazigermany #milsurp #milsurpguys #milsurppistol #9mm #waffenampt #1938 #1944 #easternfront #westernfront #worldwar2 #worldwarii #pewpew #2a #guns #handgun #8rounds AC45 Dual guide K43 4933c 1945 receiver, the bolt, carrier, firing pin housing, and locking lugs, are all from other AC45's. In World Firearms 01-04-2009, 06:11 AM. Magazine spring not included. I own a Walther AC44 P38, and when I cock it with an empty magazine in with the safety off the slide locks back. 38 pistols made in 1943 sell for $600 to $900 in excellent condition. i know they are some of the most common types of a ac44 walther p38. Blue finish, brown Bakelite grips. My question is when and where was this made? I've seen lists of suffix codes but none are the "n" code Any info on when and where this was produced would be helpfull. red grips, exc. 38 Pistol, Volume I. Worn finish is about 80% condition, matching, with a great bore and grips. All the numbers match except for the magazine, and suggest it's a Walther. During the war the Germans produced, captured and reissued many different pistols to their troops. All the numbers and inspect markings are crisp and clear with matching numbers throughout and correct Walther proofing. Walther P38 9MM WW22285 Pistol 07539. The KKD Holster was made by Wilhelm Stern, Lederwarenfabrik, Posen. P38, Walther AC44, 6554 #3866 Firearm is in excellent condition, with plum-colored frame (common to this model and year). It's all matching and original with 93-94% blue remaining. (The wartime German ammo was corrosive, expected. The Walther TP. The auction is in preparation or has been executed already. This is a very nice example of a Walther-made, "ac 44"-coded P. marcatura ac44 After the war, the French captured machines and parts of the Walther P38 pistols; kept as war reparations, the French firm Manurhin manufactured these pistols between Jun 1945 and 1946. No import marks. - ser. Serial Number. WWII Walther P-38 AC-44 9MM Pistol German P38 AC44 : Curios  Walther P38 AC44 cal 9x19 - Pistolets de Catégorie B (5485426) - Achat et vente de matériel et d'objets neufs ou d'occasion de chasse et de pêche - Great Collectors piece! Walther P38 AC 44 9MM. On the left side, forward area of the slide is stamped with the model name P. The barrel is an undated East German piece, and the locking block has been re-stamped to match it. Close up showing us the in line markings of the "AC44" which Walther used after 1943. Waffenfabrik Mauser, Oberndorf a. In 97% very sharp condition and all matching with a mint bore, we have a rare variant Walther ac44 P. Back to Main Index German Auto Pistols Priced in Auctions. This pistol had a concealed hammer and extractor. The P38 manufacturer codes include: 480 (early Walther pistols) ac (later Walther production) byf (early Mauser) svw (late-war Mauser) Great Collectors piece! Walther P38 AC 44 9MM. Matching numbers and correctly stamped with Waffen code WaA359. View full listings, photos, Auctioneer links and information. If you interested then make me a trade offer. Nazi Germany Walther P. 38 and post-war P38 Reworked wartime ac40, ac44, and an East German manufactured gun. godine, a proizvodio se u tvornicama Walther u Zella-Mehlisu (kodne oznake 480 i ac), Mauser Oberndorf (kodne oznake byf i svw) i Spreeverke u Berlinu (kodne oznake cyq). It's a Walther P38 made in 1944(ac44). over 5 years ago Details. These rifles are known as the 1941 Portuguese Contract Mauser 98k rifles. P-38, WALTHER AC41, 9 m/m. WALTHER P38 9MM $1500 THIS IS A WALTHER P38 9MM WWII MODEL AC42 WITH A SWASTIKA AND 359 MARKINGS GUN HAS MATCHING NUMBERS AND IS IN VERY GOOD CONDITION ALL FFL RULES APPLY Walther P38 9mm Pistol $795 Walther P38 9mm Pistol ac 43 (wwII) All matching numbers (Exc mag) Exc bore 99 + finish NHM (Russian) import marks on backstrap P1 P38 WALTHER 9MM I have 2 P38's, one is a Walther AC44 that my dad brought home after WWII ended. Demilled to german specifications with demillisation proof. Current Bid $700,650. Walther magazines through early 1942 have all small parts (less the spring) marked e/359. typical of the later war production at walther, this pistol shows a less polished surface, never the less the fuction is as flawless as any that were produced in 1940. Complete "Pristine" Walther AC44 P. Feel free to post any WW2 pistol from Allied or Axis armies. WTS WW2 P-38 AC44 Original #'s Match No Import If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 65 X 21 Parabellum. Next to mint inside & outside. Please see this page regarding self-promotion on reddit. 38) is a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol that was developed by Carl Walther GmbH as the service pistol of the Wehrmacht at the beginning of World War II. Information, photos, references, and trivia on the WW2 Walther P. No fitting required. Further down is the serial number and a manufacturing code "ac44" to the right of the serial number. 38's were used as troop trials in the field and modifications on the design were done in conjuction with performance reports. Send me a description of what you have and I'll make you an offer! Enjoy this Walther P-38 ac42 with two matching magazines and hard shell holster Walther AC44 G-43 Rifle. n. com Walther P-38 Spring Rehab Kit - Spring Rehab Kit - For the Walther P-38 contains the following springs to replace weakened or broken springs, This will restore the pistol to original factory condition: 2 recoil springshammer springextractor springauto firing pin lock springretainer latch plunger spring cartridge indicator spring A firing pin spring is not available for Walther 389484p ac. it would have said 7. COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. 1 120,00 € Walther P38 BYF43 cal 9x19. What I know: ac44 and multiple eagles with 359 stamped on the gun means Walther made in 1944. 38 from 1944. What is a the value of a 1944 walther P38 marked 2764 d ac44 in mint   As the first double-action service pistol issued, the WWII Walther P-38 led a somewhat checkered life. Minty for a 70 year old pistol. Eagle/359 Nazi proofs. A Look Back at the Walther P38. This commercial version of the military P38 pistols were manufactured up until the end of WWII. Frame has a few small scattered nicks but no major cosmetic damage or wear. It was intended to replace the costly Luger P08, the production of which was scheduled to end in 1942. Walther P38 AC44 9mm Pistol. Walther P-38 ac44 Code 9mm. The Walther P38 is a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol that was developed by Carl Walther GmbH as the service pistol of the Wehrmacht at the beginning of World  Everything about the Walther P38 and Walther P5. the only Decoration Walther P38, ex-Bundeswehr stock Identical to german P38 from I, Pistol and magazin stamped with "Walther" and "P38. Years active. Walther P38 AC44 cal 9x19 - Pistolets de Catégorie B (5485426) - Achat et vente de matériel et d'objets neufs ou d'occasion de chasse et de pêche - Both of the Kar98s are mixed matched and reblued BYF Russian captures. All matching numbers. 38 Post-War and Reproduction Grips These grips are made of a hard plastic, modeled after early Walther grips. 38. Assumably the P38 was designed to be used with the same military loads. The pistol is in great condition with a nice black finish, marked AC44, and has Nazi Eagle proof marks. 214,00 € Promo ! Walther SP22 M1 - 22LR. Right side view of the "AC44" P38. The ac coded examples  9 Listings 38 online. Seems like a lot of the collectors of these are dieing off. 6" H x 11 1/4" D x 7 1/2" W. See a listing for Walther P38 AC44 Rig for sale. The ac44 code means that it was built at the Walther plant in 1944. More than 1,200,000 Walther P38 pistols were made between 1940 and 1945. 38 pistols out the door. I just got hold of a P38, Walther code ac44 2-digit d block, has the 359 Waa's in all the right places and is all matching inside and out. Holster marked: A. 38 Rig - WW-II Yes - it's not a Smith and Wesson, but I think it's particularly interesting. This is a pretty rare bird and in this condition with the full rig really not upgradable. 250 or so What is a the value of a 1944 walther P38 marked 2764 d ac44 in mint condition it also has the number 359 stamped on it and the German eagle with the swasticha underneath? Walther AC44 P38 9MM German WWII Pistol This listing is for: German WWII P38 Walther AC44 pistol in 9MM. On my P38, it is ac44. Bond, James Bond, springs into action, and he reaches into his well-tailored jacket to draw a shoulder-holstered Walther pistol. 38 in that it has an Eagle/140 proofed frame, denoting that it  11 Oct 2013 Excellent German Walther P1 P38 Pistol 9mm : Semi Auto Pistols at . Large database of live auctions. 98%blue. Magazine proofed Eagle/83. See more Walther ac44 The P. Nice original Walther made P38 deactivated to the new EU specifications with proofmarks and certificate. I have a Walther P38 that I am considering selling but would like some information first. This experimental series was made to meet strict German military requirements. Walther started producing the model HP very early on and the Mod. I could be dying if hunger and wouldn't sell it. The increasing demand for P38 pistols resulted in two . The P38 can be cocked and has a moving trigger and hammer but does not dry fire. There is a wide variety of magazine variations, more than P38 pistol variations. 38" and "ac 44" with serial number. 00 Walther P-38, AC44, 9mm. 38 pistol manufactured in about February, 1944 as production pressure forced the factory to cut some corners on things like the final finishing polishing. 65 that we call the . Welcome to ALPS. 00 No Reserve! Started at $700,650. After the start of WWII, Walther could not keep up with the production required, and production was ordered to commence at both Mauser and Spreewerke in 1940. Ta prototip se je imenoval Walther HP (HeeresPistole) in je za nekaj časa celo prišel v serijsko proizvodnjo. One WWII Walther Mfg (AC44), and two post War Police Issue. Qty. The. Condition: Excellent condition with a very good bore which has some frosting in the grooves. Standard-Ordonnanzpistole der deutschen Wehrmacht. 1 Very good blued bodied 8 rd. Walther proofs throughout. WWII Russian capture Walther P-38, this is the WWII version not the P-1 so this has a steel frame not aluminum byf43 Vega Sac, CA importer chip in right grip panel under hammer Walther Fertigung, Nummerngleich, Lauflänge: 125 mm, zwei Magazine, auf der linken Verschlussseite der Herstellercode: "ac44", Drehhebelsicherung mit Entspannfunktion, braune Bakelit-Griffschalen, die Stahlteile brüniert, grobes Kriegsfinish, gebraucht, gebrauchter bis guter Erhaltungszustand. ARMSLIST does not become involved in transactions between parties. Magazine is proper wartime production. Incredible collection of guns, knives, and badges from all over the country! WWII German Walther P38 9MM Semi-Automatic Pistol for auction. by Dave Campbell - Wednesday, July 12, 2017. This is an exceptional example of a mint new condition un-fired, still partially in the packing grease Mauser K98k Rifle as marked and sold to Portugal in 1941. hi-polish #6650h, matching, mag appears as armorer renumbered, waa small parts, exc. Just picked this up today and wanted to share. WALTHER P-38 - 9mm Deactivated OLD SPEC WWII German Walther P38 AC44 - Axis Deactivated Guns - Deactivated Guns More information Find this Pin and more on Things by kulshkunder kulshkunder . Walther Model P-38 9mm Automatic Pistol. 00 Brand Springfield Seller AL_Safety Available on AR15. Seller’s User ID is vit-zemanek. Walther P. Guns International Advertising Policy This site's purpose is to bring gun buyers and gun brokers or sellers together by advertising guns or gun related items and services for sale online. Walther P38 AC44 cal 9x19. Matching numbers, great bore, and a good action. Serial number 4945 g meaning its roughly the 85,000 made that year. Walther p38 ac44 all serial numbers match 5193 original holster and magazine - also of note - there is a star of - Answered by a verified Firearms Expert On your P38, there should be a 2 or 3 letter (or number) 'manufacturer code' on the LEFT slide, followed by a two-digit number. Its mint co This is an excellent example of a scarce mid WWII Walther commercial "HP" P. All visible serial numbers match. Frame and barrel show very minor holster wear. The pistol has a dull military finish. It seems that the current price is whatever the market will bear. While pundits lauded the hammer down carry mode for its  The Walther P-38. Check markings inside grips. You must be  Information, photos, references, and trivia on the WW2 Walther P. The magazine is detachable and nicely marked P38. Auctioneers you may post your Auction listings here! Search by Area - Auctioneer - Category - Keyword. The TP continued in production until 1971 with a total of approximately 11,250 pieces in 6,35 mm (highest serial number I know is 11520) and 3,417 pieces in . When Walther first began making P38s, all of the small parts including the grips were serialized, but as the war went on, this practice was gradually discontinued. Blue finish black plastic grips eagle 559 proofed magazine dla 44 holster with Nazi proof and added political eagle hat emblem. 35mm. Hello, I'm new to forum and have question about recently acquired L block ac44 P38. The P4 is a unique P38/P1 variation and somewhat rare with only 7000 being We have P . Walther p-38 AC44 MFG Dec. This is a very nice example of a  Below is pictured an example of the Zero series P38 produced by Walther. What year is my walther p38 with the serial number 8594 J AC44. The bore is frosted. More than 1. Grade your quiz at the bottom. Deactivated OLD SPEC WWII German Walther P38 AC44 - Axis Deactivated Guns - Deactivated Guns. 00 | Product Code: P. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases P38 Pistol Production: 1939-1953© Type Description Made SN Range Rated Comment Walther Commercial MOD HP H PREFIX 1,070 H1051 TO H2071 7+ RECTANGULAR FIRING PIN AND CROWN/N PROOFS MOD HP EARLY (ROUND FIRING PIN) 4,800 2068 TO 6924 7 EAGLE/N PROOFS-EARLY SN PLACEMENT-HI GLOSS BLUE Walther P38 AC44 cal 9x19 (occasion) Le code AC correspond aux fabrications Walther à partir de aout 1940. The bluing on this Walther is quite nice with minor finish loss towards front on right side, I’d rate bluing at 85%. Wear is visible only on the sharp edge of the front frame area, and the tip of the barrel. These were purchased on e-Bay for $28 in December 2006. This is a Walther manufactured "AC" ordinance code "44" date P. Japanese Type 14 Nambu Kokura Made All are All matching and Original except the magazine on WWII German ac44 Code P-38 Semi-Automatic Pistol. Made. This pistol comes from the collection of noted Walther researcher and author Warren Buxton. 1 Good plus Walther Banner "P. what kind of gun is this what year was it made- Its a Walther P38, manufactured in 1994. It is complete with lever, plunger, c-clip and spring. Pistol series Serial number location “P. I've never had extraction or ejection jams with standard ammo in my ac44 P38. One is a P38 ac44, with a "matching" holster (SN penciled onto the inside of the flap) and 2 magazines. Walther Military P. WWI Western 1911 U. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. In 1958, the Walther P38 design was modernized with an aluminum frame and redesignated the Walther P1, which entered production for police and military use. c. 98% finish overall, even the frontstrap is not too worn. - info: aa084-0044: pistola: p38: walther: 9x21: 14225: 04064 : preda bellica russa. I paid $850 retail for an AC44 all matching except the mag bring back, mine is only about 90%. Classifieds listings of Antique Firearms in South Carolina. it is a numbers matching p38 w/ an a ac 44 s/n. An "Eagle/359" proof is stamped on the spine of the "P38" marked magazine. FN slide, dual tone and all matching numbers. Left side of slide marked "P. Jan. This is a wartime AC44 (Walther 1944 production) P38 vet bringback that I picked up recently. 252 of Warren Buxton's The P. If the FFL is not on file it will often take additional time to ship. Origin. w/ spine dated "10-59" along w/ NATO style part number. With the supply of surplus Walther P38's down to "hundreds" overseas, now may be the very last opportunity to buy a pristine example of this World War II classic firearm. p38forum. I'd rate this gun's finish at 95% to 98%. Although they are the same general configuration as the military version they exhibit much better machining, polishing and blue finish. AR15. It was the first locked breech pistol to have a single action/double action trigger. 38 Quiz Number Two. Matching numbered bbl. If you want an early 1950's we will provide one. com, the world's largest gun auction site. World's First. ac44 dual tone. This exact gun is pictured on p. It was on the left side of the barrel block and the locking block, as well as on the right side of the slide between the two Waffenamt markings. Martz of the baby Luger fame - serial number 8230S, Martz’s 49. Cal. V. WALTHER PISTOLS Walther Models 1-9, PP, PPK, and P38 Pistol Identification Guide This is one of a series of identification guides for small arms produced by Walther. An "X" Mark by the serial number confirms that this pistol was a Russian capture. Click next to the most correct answer. In 1943, Walther combined a similar gas system with aspects of the G41(W) providing greatly improved performance. 9x19mm 8-round removable box magazine, short recoil semi-automatic. Looking for a 38 44 For Sale? Quickly Find an in stock 38 44 for Sale at over 1600 Stores, Auctions, and Classifieds in one click! Get the Best Price! in 98% original mint condition, all matching, we have a very nice example of a walther made ac 44 coded p. Z nekaj dodatnimi spremembami je bila pištola sprejeta za službeno orožje, v serijski proizvodnji pa je dobila nov naziv, Walther P38. The 696 signifies the serial number, e is for the month of May, ac is the code for the Walther factory (top secret to avoid getting bombed by the Allies), and 44 for the year. The Walter company manufactured 3 series of test pistols that were identified with a 0 at the prefix of the serial number. I am heading to Jackson Gun show in the morning hope to find a good trade. It was accepted and entered into service as the Gewehr 43, renamed Karabiner 43 in April 1944, with production amounting to just over 400,000 between 1943 and 1945. Color is black. However, the function is as flawless as any that were produced in 1940. 38 ac44/ac 44 Late War Nazi German WW2. cvq “a” prefix serial number . numbers. We we have a Walther P38 AC40, which are early guns. It is an authentic WWII trophy pistol. [more like this] *WWII Nazi German P38 Pistol by Walther 9mm cal. Overall, it's in nice looking condition. Cowan's Auction House: The Midwest's Most Trusted Auction House / Antiques / Fine Art / Art Appraisals [PHOTO GROUP 1 OF 2] This is a WWII P38 9MM Luger ac44 series manufactured with an experimental chrome finish. I love mine, shoot it once a year on my birthday. double serial numbers on all parts. Worn base w/ peppery oxidation. It's the number one place to go if you're looking to buy firearms and shooting related equipment. Serial number 8233 no suffix is a January 1944 production P38. ” Above that number, on the slide, is P38 696 e ac 44. There was an article in an older Handguns Magazine in which Jerry Ahern had a P-38 or P4 converted to a short barrel "Man From UNCLE" gun. com. 1944 walther p38 value, february ac44 walther p. svw45 dual tone. cvq. I picked up a nice P-38 yesterday. All Waffenamt proofs are correct for this Walther's rifle. I have three P38's. 2 million were produced during the second World War, and it remained in service a half century after the end P38 Magazines. Fitted with a set of ribbed grips. 38 Production Chart. Thus, "ac44" P. If you wish to link to this page, please link only to the main page, not sub-pages or documents. Finnish Rauma Made L-35 Lahti Holster. A Nice WWII German Walther AC 41 P38 With Original Holster This is a nice honest vet bring back pistol. Always comply with local, state, federal, and international law. The Walther P38 semiauto pistol is one of the iconic handguns of all times. 38s are common and relatively easy to locate. Waffenampt markings. The Walther HP ( Heerespistole) was produced in parallel with the P38 for the Walther P38 ac44 f-block. Pictured bottom. Matching serial numbers. Notice the finish. Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers: auctioneers of art, pictures, collectables and motor cars Bonhams : A German Walther ac44 code P-38 semi-automatic pistol We use cookies to remember choices you make on functionality and personal features to enhance your experience to our site. Name written in black script on liner, "Nermendeger" (sp). 100% accurate in every detail and with the marking on the back. Mostly they are over priced, but have found a gem or two before in the past 10 years. com › … › Search Results › Login To Save This Search See guns for sale and gun auctions related to walther p38 walther p38- Guns For Sale and Gun Auctions on GunsAmeric walther p38 For Sale – Buy walther p38 Online at walther p38- Guns For Sale and Gun Auctions on … www. Walther fans? This is a discussion on Walther fans? within the Pistols & Revolvers forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; I really like the build quality of Walther guns. My P1 is one of my favorite handguns. Neckar - kódy byf/42, byf/43, byf/44 a po změně krycího kódu svw/44, svw/45 *WWII Nazi German P38 Pistol by Walther 9mm cal. Walther P38 WWII 9mm $609 Walther model P38 WWII manufacture in 9mm Walther coded AC44 designating it's late 1944 manufacture in the German appear on right side of slide Slide barrel and frame have matching serial numbers Plastic grips An X stamp signifies P38 9MM with xtras $260 ac41 Walther, ac44 Walther, byf44 Mauser rework, byf43 Mauser, cyq Spreewerk, 1959 P38 Postwar, 1969 P1 commercial Very Nice P38 and I really like them Papered ac41 Walther, ac44 Walther, byf44 Mauser rework, byf43 Mauser, cyq Spreewerk, 1959 P38 Postwar, 1969 P1 commercial Very Nice P38 and I really like them Papered The German military accepted the P-38 design in 1938 but actual test pistols were not produced until some time in late 1939. I am wondering if it was a Walther PP or PPK. Presentation Grade Model of. Includes Walther, Mauser, and Spreewerk manufactured P 38s. 892, 9mm, 5-inch barrel. You are bidding on a nice complete original WW2 production safety assembly for a G43 or K43. . First variation – “AC” on trigger guard. They seem to be going the route of the Lugers. Pics is the best I could do, seems like the older guns looks different depending how the surrounding light is. 38 - Scarce Eagle/140 Frame 11/3/17 - This is a scarce Walther P. , locking block & slide. Walther P38 AC44. Are there any Nazi markings Manufacturer/ Trademark – Walther. 28. The Walther P38: Godfather of the modern combat handgun The Walther P38 set the bar for modern combat pistols incorporating many features we take for granted on a handgun like a decocker among others. CYQ 3rd variation with rare e/18 accepted locking block- (Eight known examples 2514, 2596, 2630, 2678, 2852, 2853, 2894, 2933) i got this from a friend of mine. The first company to start production of the P38 was the Walter firm located in Zella-Mehlis Germany. 38” marking and location WaffenAmt marking and location Home / Militaria Reference / P38 pistol – Pistole 38 – AC44 P38 pistol – Pistole 38 – AC44. serial number indicates it was built in september of 1944. 38v" on left side near base. Walther ac44 The P. 38 pistol. There are "Eagle/359" proofs present with the left side of the slide having the one line "ac44" marking. All matching. I wasn't excited about it because I just sold one because it was post war and non matching. Very good condition, 80-85% grey phosphate finish remaining with 95% barrel blue. Of the many guns that Walther produced, the Walther P38 pistol was made specifically for Hitler's army. We Turn Your Guns Into Cash & we make it easy on you! Phone: The frame is either from a Walther ac43 or ac44, as it is e/359 marked (indicating Walther manufacture) and has the reinforced trigger axle hole (first appearing in the 1943 'g' block). Luger and Walther P-38 pistols are often confused with one another, as both were developed and manufactured to be used by the German army during WW I and WW II. It is fitted with an original Walther coded and waffenamt stamped magazine. Fabrication Walther AC 1944 Porte le numéro 195C Standard configuration. MOD P38—Late with Military Blue "ac45" Zero Series WALTHER MILITARY 480 CODE Single Line Slide "AC44" "AC45" "AC45" 1st Variation "AC45" I have 2 P38's. *WWII Nazi German P38 Pistol by Walther 9mm cal. num: descr. Eagle 35 $400 starting bid. - item # type: mod. Either for Canadian or US buyer, in order to be approved for the auction. Walther P-38 AC-44 9mm SN: 2714k - Reata Pass Auctions. It is an a series 41 dated Walther P38. com and wikipedia images As the 1930s arrived, much of the world was in a massive economic sku#058 walther p38 ac44 #5957g with e/140 proof fn frame, matching, exc. That is where I recently got my AC44 with holster. Dijelovi za Walther P 38 proizvodili su se i u tvornici FN (kodna oznaka ch) i u Brnu (kodna oznaka dov). The early big-screen exploits of the fictional secret agent gave us the most memorable image of the Walther handgun, but the German arms manufacturer has long been making precision pistols for law enforcement, military, and security personnel. The other is a GI bring back Mauser BYF43, pictured on top. This example is from a batch of 10,000 produced in April 1944. The last civilian Walther P38 pistol commercially available for purchase was  Above that number, on the slide, is P38 696 e ac 44. この形状は本来、AC44以降、1944年以降のモデルの特徴です。特に ミリタリー の場合『ac43』と入ってしまっていますので、違いは決定的です。『ac43』のP38のトリガーガードの形状はヒョウタンではなく一文字です。 I bet your Eddystone is stamped with an arrow in a C on the buttstock. This is an excellent Walther P4 in 9mm. 38 that I got a good deal on back in November. I picked it up today . A wonderful P38 BYF 44 German Mauser production pistol in 9mm. Very good bore. Black grooved grips. 38 and post-war P38 pistol. 2 million produced. 38 ac 44 WWII AC44  Walther P. The frame is waffenamted 140 and also bears the FN factory MI inspection mark as well on the left side of the trigger guard. P. Year. 38 AC-44 Standard Issue. #1771b. When the Model 2 was released in 1914, this pistol became known as the Model 1. svw45 all phosphate . Walther Germany - rest of the world self-promotion in posts and comments should be limited to once every three days. Shipping Information: We will arrange for packing and shipping at our earliest possible convenience. No upgrade & original! $ 1,895. 00 Quantity 1 # of bids 1 Bid History Time left 13 Days, 15 Hours + 15 minute rule Location KALAMAZOO, MI 49009 KALAMAZOO County cod. Brown grips and P38 marked magazine. Source Czech Republic Fritz Walther saw an opportunity for his company and immediately began working on a series of designs that would ultimately lead to the success known today as the Walther P38. Our pistol has the eagle 359 stamp on the left side of the barrel, meaning “Walther Military. This code indicates that this was manufactured by Walther in 1944; wartime P38 pistols were also manufactured by Mauser and Spreewerk. 253 and described on p. 250,00 € walther p38 ac44 all serial numbers match 5193 original holster and magazine - also of note - there is a star of david engraved near an eagle holding a swaztika - what is the current value? … read more Jolie P38 Fabrication: AC Mauser Daté de 1944 calibre 9 mm para capacité 8 coups Arme en parfait état , bronzage noir profond a 98% Canon glissière sont au même n° la carcasse porte un n° différent Arme de catégorie B1 Anxiously pulling out the seemingly endless amounts of brown packaging paper (Sadly, as expected though, there was no holster with this pistol) I came across a surprisingly super clean, gorgeous looking AC-43 Walther P-38. Serial no. ) I have a couple of questions: Shooting modern, jacketed ball ammo, should I expect it to group well? Do frosted bores pick up too-much jacket material? walther p38- Guns For Sale and Gun Auctions on … www. Our Assessment: The P38 occupies a significant place in history. Sell your Walther Pistols Pre 1945 P 38 for FREE today! Mictchell's Mausers Walther P-38 Pistol Set - 9mm WALTHER P38 AC44 RIG. The other Post War P38 was never issued and was an Armory wall hanger. It is in nice used condition overall and lever is proofed waa 359 which signifys Walther production. Ihre Suche nach Kunst, Design, Antiquitäten und Sammlerstücken beginnt hier P38 Question Curio & Relic/Black Powder MODEL: Walther P38 BYF 44 CONDITION: All matched, marked slide and barrel block, mechanically excellent with excellent bore. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Found this Walther Saturday, at a local pawn shop. highly accurate reproduction bakelite pistol grips for the walther p 38 . 45 The frame also has the serial number and an 1944 Walther P38 AC44. Southern hip hop, dirty rap, Miami bass. 19. (barrel block. Here's a Walther P38 in 9mm Parabellum. Here is a nice post-WW2 Walther P38 (marked P38 NOT P1). they come in different colors from black to reddish brown. I have a Walther P38 with a serial number of 7314n. Condition: Very good as refinished. Zůstat přihlášen Nepoužívejte tuto funkci na veřejných nebo sdílených počítačích. Sell a Similar Item. Need to know what model Walther before the date of manufacture can be Walther P38 A baker s dozen of Walther Walther Armee pistole or AP Walther P 38 P38 pistol Walther P 38 walther p38 70 2 KB Walther P38 P1 and P4 pistol Walther P 38 Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for German WWII P38 Hardshell Black Leather Holster, P-38 at Amazon. Double “00 Mint 1944 AC44 WWII Walther P38 Nazi German pistol All matching 9mm Luger Mauser P 38 For sale very nice fully matching Nazi Walther AC44 pistols model P38 serial 7327 in SPREEWERK. Need to determine realistic selling price of Walther P-38, AC44 and original BLM/44 softshell black holster? Walther P-38, double action, 9mm, Magazine capacity- 8 rounds. Best Regards, I B piper Carl Walther Waffenfabrik AG, Zella. Walther Manufacture Walther manufactured magazines marked “ac” are considered by most to be field replacement magazines. charges and taxes It is not possible to turn in online buying orders anymore. the P in the last of the code is the main type, the first two letters is the model, and the next two numbers is the year. ” Above that number, on the slide, is P38 3033 b ac 44. All original parts except the sight hood, and the cleaning rod. Walther AC44 P-38, Sig GSR, FEG Hipower Clone. Buy with confidence knowing that authenticity is guaranteed for all our P38's. Rock, DJ Page 9-Forum for members to post WW2 Axis handguns and accessories. All original and matching, except grips were Spreewerke, for $850 shipped. The grips are immaculate and really make the pistol pop, this vet took very good care of this p38. One was chromed with pearlite grips, the other an all matching AC44 with a price of $599. The pistol has the one line "ac44" slide marking, correct "Eagle/359" proofs and matching "e" block visible serial numbers. Left side of th 3 Nov 2017 Walther ac 44 P. 65 on the slide and that is a whole other 7. 38 SEMI AUTO PISTOL. slide,frame) Does come with original 1944 holster which is jhg and waffenampt coded. 99. In good condition overall. Those would have 7. Mixx, MC Shy- D, Tony M. Spreewerk . This is s World War 2 German P38 made by Walther with a JVD magazine, Walther Magazine, and KKD soft shell Holster. ATTENTION: I am always looking for collector grade German rifles, as well as mismatched and parts guns. I traded a member of the k98k forum my Spreewerke Grips for his Walther grips straight up. Contained in original brown P08 leather holster with extra magazine. In my case I think from the standpoint of using the term "Walther commercial", it was done to contrast and compare them with the Mauser Police Pistols, not to disqualify or say that the Mauser factory was not capable of producing commercial pistols. 38 Pistol that was made with an FN factory made frame. Free Guide of Gun Values - STEVENS Side Lever CRACKSHOT . sku#003 walther p38 ac41 early 2nd var. G43 AC44---GONE TO ALBERTA--. Hey, I am now a proud owner of a vet-bringback Walther P38 w/ holster and spare mag! The gun has 90%+ of its original bluing, and a near mint bore. These went to Canada and the red paint on the forestock was applied in order to distinguish it from the pattern 1914 which was chambered in . We will attempt to ship as soon as possible, however, due to the huge volume of absentee bidders, delays in shipping of seven days after full payment is received by us is typical. The number is 214a ac44. w/ eagle "135" on spine & "P. Fritz Walther knew at once that only a design in 9mm Parabellum would be successful. I found an unmolested ac44 with the original holster here locally for $850 and have seen others for $700 for just the gun. Price $350. 9para. 118 Items Find Walther P38 pistols for sale at GunBroker. In 1910, Walther introduced the "Deutche Selbstlade Pistole Walther" in 6. Price: $1,295. Something interesting is that Walther produced the P38 in two variants; the HP and the military P38. Don't Miss Your Next Treasure. 1944 Walther Pistole P38 AC44 in 9mm parabellum. Housed in jwa 42 code clamshell P-38 holster. 38 pistols from World War II for sale online. In 1944, as Germany found itself with its back to the wall and the war going badly, Walther pushed approximately 130,000 P. For a good overview on the production process, development and variation of magazines I recommend our book more information. It is in 98%, original, mint-condition and is all matching. CYQ very early gun serial number 21 . Neither of my Post War Pistols are P1's, but are Aluminum framed P38's. CONDITION: Very good as Russian refinished. Retour WALTHER P38 · Back to "WALTHER P38" 25 Nov 2017 I'm familiar with this P. What is a the value of a 1944 walther P38 marked 2764 d ac44 in mint condition it also has the number 359 stamped on it and the German eagle with the swasticha underneath? By the end of the war, Walther had only produced about 580,000 of the 1. bore, no pitting, gray grip-strap, 90%-saxon collection learn more WALTHER 06/05/2019. World War II Walther P-38 ac44 code with matching numbers observed on frame, barrel, slide, and locking toggle, brown Bakelite grips with eagle 359 inspected magazine. There were two P38s in their pistol case. I was very surprised when I saw it was actually a numbers matching, non import marked, ac44 P38 priced at $389. Close up showing us the in line markings of the "AC44" which Walther used after   9mm Luger; 80% blue, good bore, good grips, 4 7/8'' barrel, Original blued finish and mottled brown bakelite grips. Internal markings are present and clear. Walther P38 Pistol, Original German WWII Model 1940-1945 - 9mm FFL must be registered and on file. 5'' barrel S/N 2440d. feb. 22 long rifle. One of my Police Issue guns was issued but showed little use and some holster wear. I am just a novice in comparison. The ArmeePistole (army pistol) was the very first prototype/predecessor of the P38 and was already produced in 1935 by Walther in small quantities (highest serial number known is 55). Miami, Florida. Shoulder boards, tunics, helmets, K98, Lugers, P-38s All essential factory weight coil springs for a particular semi-auto pistol. * WWII Walther P38 ac44 Pistol, 9mm caliber, 5" barrel, serial number 2655d. The P38 is a AC44, all matching with all original blueing. Spreewerk Hrádek nad Nisou (Grottau) - pobočný závod mateřské továrny Spreewerk GmbH, Spandau - kódy cyq resp. This translates to a Walther-made pistol manufactured in 1944. Firearm is in excellent condition, with plum-colored frame (common to this model and year). walther p38 ac44

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